Step By Step Guide To Registering In Paypal

Do you want to register and make an account in PayPal? If yes then you have made a great decision. PayPal is undoubtedly the great option for online payment. In fact, the method of registering in PayPal is also very easy and simple. Here are the simple steps discussed for you. You can take a quick look at it and make your registration now.

Easy steps To Make PayPal account

  • Get Access To The Website:

    The first thing that you need to do is visit the website of PayPal or open the PayPal app on your mobile. On opening it, you will find the process to create an account. The process of account making is same for the website as well as the app.


  • Click On “Sign Up” Button:

    To begin your account creation process you have to click on the sign-up button on the screen. On clicking, you will find there are two kinds of options available. For business accounts, there will be two options each of which will have different cost structure. On the other hand, the standard free business is similar to PayPal premier account which is used by the people who do lots of buying and selling on eBay.

  • Email Address:

    Now you have to mention your email address for registering. This email registration will be followed by the password generation. You have to create a strong password for your registration. This password will be safe and will be known only to you.

  • Personal Information:

    Now you will have to add all the required personal details that will be demanded by the website. You can easily do this as the process is very easy and simple. You must give all the correct details such as your address, phone number, and others. You should not miss any details as all the details are valuable and important.

  • Credit Card Number:

    After you have mentioned all the details of your personal information then you have to mention the debit card or credit card details. You may skip this part and can do it later after verifying the PayPal account registration. However, you have to do this now or later.

  • Bank Information (optional):

    Well you have to add the details of your bank account. Of course, this part is important, but you can click on “I’ll link my bank later” option if you want to skip the step for now and do it later.

  • Verifying Account:

    Now when you have completed all the process then you have to verify your account. You need to confirm your email address to make sure that you get the details of your transaction right at your mail.

  • Bank Details:

    If initially you have skipped all the details of bank account linkage then you can complete it now after verifying you PayPal account.

Therefore, these are the simple steps that will lead you to you new PayPal account. So go ahead and follow these simple steps to have your quick online money transaction.

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